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18 May


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For a specific reason, our company needed to hire a new engineer. We posted the advertisement on Jobstreet.com. Within days, we received plenty of applications via email.

Scanning through these applications, 80% are non-relevant. 15% are too demanding, and less than 5% are so-called “qualified”. I do not know if this is because our advertisement was unclear or they were just trying their luck. We eventually shortlisted two candidates.

We always think the employee’s attitude should be placed in the highest priority. In other words, we emphasize on the EQ of the candidate. I do not want a IQ180 employee who is too egoistic. To us, company is not a playground of these smart chaps. They should be able to work in a team and have the task completed as scheduled.

I have personally experienced working with people with high IQ but low EQ. They were too young and have no idea about teamwork. Their existence in the company did not help the growth of the company.

I ever interviewed a smart candidate. During the interview, he presented his skill very well. Unfortunately I was immediately put off by his next statement “I prefer to be left alone with my work”. Maybe their ego-style is welcome by Google or Microsoft, but not here.

Perhaps after several years of experiences they have now learned the word “teamwork”. God bless them.

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