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20 Jan

CyanogenMod? No!

Like what Chinese says, itchy hand. I got my S3 about six months ago. It came with ICS 4.0, and later upgraded to JB 4.1 via Kies. Cool OS, I have to say.

Everything seem OK, but I noticed it became extremely slow, over time. I googled, and new term popped up: custom ROM. Yes, you can replace your existing Samsung bloated ROM (yet another new term) with a custom-made version.

There are many custom ROM out there, claiming better and faster compared to the stock ROM (i.e. original ROM from hardware vendor). One of which is the so-called famous CyanogenMod 10 custom ROM, or CM 10.

Well, as I said, itchy hand. As a newbie, I went through hassles and hassles to download and install this ROM. Data were wiped out several time, stuck in boot-loop several time, activated apps a several time. Finally I got my CM 10 working.

I was happy for a while until I noticed CM 10, or any other custom ROMs, does not support MHL. I repeat, CM 10, or any other custom ROMs, does not support MHL.

What is MHL? Simply say, it is the technology to stream HDMI video signal from S3 to HDMI supported TV. According to one of the xda-developer members, MHL on S3 is proprietary to Samsung and will never be supported by custom ROM. MHL is one of the reasons I bought S3, and it is THE important reason.

That’s all. I told myself. I am going back to the Samsung stock ROM. Besides MHL, I realised custom ROM is only meant for low end devices. S3, being a quad-core, the Universal’s best smart phone, has more powerful features than what custom ROM can offer. There is absolutely no point to buy such a rocky hardware and yet install a least-feature, generic, custom ROM.

So, after half a day on a sunny Sunday, I am back to Samsung Jelly Bean stock ROM, via Kies. Simple, hassle-free, and brilliant.

Following some simple instructions, I managed to disable some bloatware such as Yahoo Finance and weather, now it seems to be happy rocking.

Next, I shall be waiting for the Premium Suite to release in this region. Let’s see.

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