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16 Jun

Mazda 6 2009 Japanese Version Hidden Diagnostic Feature

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While I was searching the web for OBD2 information, I accidentally stumbled across the hidden diagnostic feature on Mazda 6 2009 Japanese version. Tried a few times and I finally got the right sequence.

Thought I would write it down:

  1. Press and hold the TRIP button.
  2. Start the engine while holding down the TRIP button.
  3. Continue to hold for at least five seconds until you see “test” display on the dashboard screen. Release the TRIP button.
  4. Pressing TRIP scroll through the menu:
      00 – Display “OFF”
      01 – Display “oo”. Moves all dials to maximum position, followed by mid position.
      02 – Display “05 9”. Month and Year of manufactured? I am not sure.
      03 – Display “dis” “29.5” I don’t know this either.
      04 – Display “on”. Play “beep” sound. Nothing else happen.
      05 – Display and blink “on” three times. Nothing else happen.
  5. After Menu 5, all lights turned ON and alternate colours whichever applicable.

That’s folks!

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